This particular class is not just training for service dog certification it’s training & therapy for the owners as well. This is my experience in M.M.M. We (SD & Me)
Look forward in going. 

Chris B. ~ Army

MMM changes lives. Before having Rey I was so anxious that I couldn’t go out in public. Shopping or anywhere there was a crowd was impossible. Rey gives me the confidence that she is watching out for me and I can handle this. Without the M.M.M. program I never would have been able to afford a service dog from a program that charges. And I don’t think our bond would ever be as strong!

Holly R. ~ Civilian

I am both former military as well as a first responder, the latter being my biggest struggle. PTSD and severe anxiety had ruined my life for years and I never thought I’d find any level of normalcy again. I was put in contact with Shelly & M.M.M. and it was life changing. After speaking with her, it was the first moment I knew that I could hold on a little longer. Once I paired with my dog, Sheldon, coupled with the moment he starting working for me all on his own was truly life altering. I found joy in things again. M.M.M. and Sheldon gave me my life back and I am forever grateful.

Steffani S. ~ Air Force

When I first attended a MMM class I was there to support a friend - I was fine. I didn’t need or want a dog. Shelly wore me down and convinced me otherwise. Now after training and certifying two pups (Petey and Velvet) I couldn’t imagine life without them. I’ve made great friends (2 and 4 legged) through the program and still enjoy attending class to see everyone and just hang out.

Greg S. ~ Civilian

M.M.M. and Willis has given me new life. I could barely function when I met Shelly and the gang and they immediately understood and saw how much I'd benefit from a service dog. Shelly knew right off the bat who I'd be a good fit with it. We were both broken, but learned to grow with each other, and became a team. He has given me a reason to get up. A reason for being. Having Willis gives me hope, independence, love, and safety. I'm so blessed for all M.M.M. has done for me. I could honestly say this program has saved me. Thank you M.M.M.!

Erin C. ~ Civilian

When I first heard about MMM, it was through a Brother in a Veteran group that we both belong. I was hesitant about the program and service dogs. I connected with Michele and she was very supportive and knowledgeable.  The first time I went to a meeting I was anxious.  I have major issues in crowds and still do. The group of people there were helpful and caring. My partner Caleb has been learning for just over a year, though I dont attend meetings as I would like due to driving issues.  The group is a great place for support and connections with other service dogs and handlers.  Thank you Michele.

Steve C. ~ Army

I am so great full to M.M.M.! We have come so far! We started out with a stranger danger dog! I wanted the best for him. Didn’t know where to turn! I met Michelle! The wealth of knowledge and kindness that I have received is overwhelming! In this whole process of learning to train my dog I have had to learn things about myself! It’s an amazing how you think your going to train ur dog and it’s  both the handler and dog getting trained! The other team members are also nice. They are willing to give advice when needed or asked! So long story short my Sarge was a stranger danger type of dog and couldn’t bring him anywhere! Now Sarge works for me Everywhere we go! My heart just explodes with love and joy! I can not thank M.M.M. ever enough! I will always promote for them! Thank You! 

Sonya M. ~ Civilian

Trainer Michelle Cote' is amazing! She has a way of understanding dogs and their handlers and how to have them work flawlessly together! M.M.M. which Michelle (Shelly) created gives us suffering with PTSD or anxiety a means to be able to function out in public like everyone else. What she does for us amazing and I highly recommend anyone in a situation like ours to give it a try and you too will see how it frees you!

James ~ Air Force

M.M.M has changed my life! I used to live in my apartment, never going anywhere or doing much. Then came Gunny and my life changed. He makes me feel like I can do just about anything. Thanks M.M.M.

Maureen ~ Army

M.M.M. and Shelly are amazing. I have P.T.S.D. from my time in the Army and counseling just was not enough. I got a 8 week old Mountian Curr and she started picking up on my anxiety and panic attacks. I reached out to M.M.M. and we started training when she was around 3 months old. She has come so far and is such a great SDIT. I wouldn't have known where to start if it was not for M.M.M. They are a real family and support each other. I have my life back.

Stephanie ~ Army

M.M.M. not only provided me with a service dog but a safe place to heal and be accepted. A place to be with people who have also experienced trauma and know first hand the tortures of P.T.S.D.

Amorette ~ Navy

Before M.M.M. I struggled to go out on my own. With Fibromyalgia, muscles failure, and chronic fatigue, I couldn't be sure I would be safe on my own. Willow is truly my independence. With her I am a full time Masters student and have made an international move alone. She is there in my darkest days and my weakest. M.M.M. gave me my best friend and my life back

Kylie ~ Civilian

We are so thankful for this program. It is giving me a better quality of life.

Vannah ~ Civilian

M.M.M. has helped train me as a handler as much as it has helped my dog. I've experienced new insight and a better understanding of my dog's behaviors and even some of my own. I've been exposed to a variety of other people with similar needs for a service animal and an equal variety of dog breeds who provide their handlers with comfort among other things. Many times Bentley has performed without me even knowing it until his actions had been pointed out to me.

Alan~ Civilian

It's an awesome program. First, your dog picks you so you have a bond and second, you train together with your dog. Shelly is always a text away if you're having a problem or question. Someone is always willing to help.

Robin ~ Civilian

Lotus has changed my life. She is a mobility dog and helos me walk, but is so much more! Helps me feel safe while out in public and also gas in some ways helped me connect with others. I cannot say enough about this program. I have received lots if support in training Lotus from Shelley as well as others in the group.

Michele - Civilian

I love going because it makes me understand my dog and it forces me to interact with other people.

Rose ~ Civilian

M.M.M. training and support has been a game changer for me. My boy Ruby helps me improve my mobility with counterbalance, bracing, and protecting my "bubble" by creating the space I need to get around safely. He opens doors for me and we are currently working on him learning to pick up things that I drop, due to nerve issues in my hands. Ruby is 15 months old and we've been together for nearly a year. Having a service dog forces me to get up and out when it'd be very easy to spend my life in my recliner. There was a time when I thought my physical disability would interfere with being able to train and care for a dog. I never had a dog before so being able

to train a service dog seemed unimaginable. And, here I am, actively living life more, with a service dog who is my best friend and has my back like no one else. I cannot speak highly enough about the training and support M.M.M. offers or my gratitude for all of the positives M.M.M. has brought to my life.

Thank you M.M.M. for improving my quality of life!

Ari - Civilian

I can't say enough good things about this program. When I finally decided that I needed a Service Dog, the pain staking process of finding the perfect match was extremely stressful. I tried finding the right match on my own. I filled out so many applications with no success.   Daisy has been by my side every day since October 2018. She was welcomed with open arms by my family & friends as well as my coworkers. I have slowly but surely been coming out of my safe place. I am able to walk the halls at work with my head held high. Just knowing Daisy is with me helps my P.T.S.D. so much.  I still have a long way to go, but knowing I have Daisy and the way she reacts to my anxiety, I feel positive that things will get brighter & better.

Thank You All!!

Sheila ~ Civilian