To Whom It May Concern:

     Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. My name is Michelle Cote' , aka Shelly, Mama Hen, Crazy Dog Lady, and a few other I am sure that are spoken behind my back I am not aware of yet. LOL I proudly answer to all, and will continue to do so, as long as PTSD is still haunting our Veteran's and Civilian's. 

     This program was founded on a number.  That number is 22, 22 Veterans a day take their life a day, because of PTSD. In a moment of weakness they feel alone and no longer strong enough to fight this demon, seeing the only option left to quiet the storm raging in their mind is to end their lives. Growing up the proud daughter of a Vietnam Veteran, who was not diagnosed until 20 plus years returning home, I know this demon on a very intimate level. I am not a person to sit around a do nothing, knowing that 22 families a day where forever changed.  I was able to pair by knowledge with rehabilitating and training rescue dogs, with my desire to help our nations heroes and born from that was MMM.

My program is unique for a few reasons. One, we use only rescue dogs in the program. Often times, dogs that are in danger or have been slighted for euthanasia simply because they are the wrong color or was born looking like a certain breed. I learned these dogs have a place in our program, and in turn with some training they excel at service dog work. Forever changing their handlers lives. Often times, facing the same exact stigmas that their soon to be humans do on a daily basis.

     The other uniqueness of the program is that once the dogs are matched with their human or handler, they go home immediately with their person. They begin to bond and when done with service dog training, will forever change both of their lives for the better. Once the dogs are placed in the home, it is the handler's responsibility to train their dog to become their service dog. I essentially teach the handler how to train their dog to meet their needs as a psychiatric service dog. It has been said many times, by handlers, spouses, and treating mental health providers, that MMM dogs excel at working for their handlers, and do so in a way that is most effective in helping them manage their PTSD.

While the program started out initially for just Veteran's, it has grown in numbers now including first responders , who has a suicide rate of 1.5 a day, and civilians. We have also branched out and train service dogs for seizure detection, mobility assist, depression and anxiety alert. The program has grown as the needs of those requiring affordable service dogs have.

     It is my dream that one day, the program will no longer have a need to exist. Until the time when we find better ways to help our brothers and sisters combat this demon called PTSD, the program will be here, helping one dog, one human at at a time.

Michelle Cote'